A watch is a delicate object that requires some care and attention. To preserve the long-term shine and perfect surface condition of your watch case, do not wear a bracelet or a chain on the same wrist as your watch. Even if your ROMAIN VOLLET watch is water-resistant, we advise you to clean it with a soft dry cloth reserved for this purpose. Only the case back may, if necessary, be gently cleaned with a dry brush to eliminate any encrusted specks of dust.
ROMAIN VOLLET watches are designed to withstand splashes of water. Nevertheless, if your watch is immersed in sea water, you should wipe it with a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm fresh water (the crown must be screwed down) to remove any salt deposits that may irritate the skin.
A self-winding mechanical watch has a sophisticated mechanism that rewinds the barrel spring with energy derived partly from the movements of the wearer’s wrist. The efficiency of the self-winding process is therefore directly linked to the motion of the arm on which the watch is worn. When fully wound, your watch has an operating autonomy of 36 hours.
The accumulated power reserve enables the watch to run throughout the night and retain a comfortable margin of autonomy. Nevertheless, if your ROMAIN VOLLET watch has been left unused for several days it will stop, or will have an insufficient reserve of power to ensure optimal accuracy. Before using it again, we suggest you wind it manually with about twenty clockwise turns of the crown to ensure that it will operate perfectly in all conditions.
The water-resistance of a watch protects the movement from dust, moisture and from any deterioration when fully immersed in water. When a watch is immersed in water, under no circumstances pull out the winding crown. This could allow water to enter the case and damage the movement. If you notice condensation forming in the watch (particularly under the crystal), you should quickly contact a retailer or a service center authorized by ROMAIN VOLLET to remove the condensation and renew the water-resistance of the watch.
To protect your watch from humidity and prevent water from entering the case, it is essential to fully screw down the crown. Be sure to avoid forcing it at the bottom in order to preserve the seals.
The service life of a leather strap depends on how often it is worn and under what conditions. To maintain it in good condition for as long as possible, you should avoid contact with water, greasy or acidic substances or cosmetics. Similarly, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or UV rays, that may affect its color. We advise against using leather maintenance products to clean or polish a leather watch strap.
Placing your watch near electronic devices that can generate magnetic fields may affect its performance. Mechanical watches are more sensitive to magnetic fields. Watches are designed to withstand magnetic fields encountered in everyday life, but certain strong fields can magnetize steel components of the movement, particularly the balance spring. In certain rare cases, magnetized parts may stick together and cause the watch to run fast or even stop completely. In such cases, demagnetization must be carried out at a ROMAIN VOLLET authorized After-Sales Service Center.
We recommend not wearing your watch during sports activities such as tennis, golf or mountain biking, in order to protect it from vibrations that could damage the movement.
Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures (above 60ºC/140ºF, or below 0ºC/32ºF). This exposure can affect the liquidity/viscosity of the lubricants. Mechanical watches are sensitive to severe changes in temperature. Avoid them as much as possible. When not being worn, keep your watch in a cool dry place.
Avoid as much as possible any direct contact with products such as solvents and industrial or domestic detergents, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. They may damage the seals and alter the appearance of bracelets and cases.